Electrocardiography Technician

This short-term training program is designed to prepare students to perform non-invasive electrocardiography procedures, identify rhythms, and perform 12-lead electrocardiograms (ECG, or EKG). The program can be completed in one semester.

What Do I Need to Know about this Program? 

The Electrocardiography Technician Training Program is available to students who are high school graduates (or GED completers) interested in a health career working in a hospital or clinic. This program is intended for students with an employment or educational background in the healthcare field or students preparing to enter a healthcare degree program. Learning to perform non-invasive electrocardiography procedures and identifying rhythms will be a valuable addition to the skill set of today's healthcare worker. 

This program is currently offered in the fall semester only.

Fall 2019 Program Information

What Will I Learn?

Lecture topics include the anatomy and physiology of the heart, techniques for performing a 12-lead EKG, identifying rhythms and rhythm abnormalities, and how cardiac medications affect an EKG.

What Certificate Will I Receive? 

Electrocardiography Technician, CCO

What is Unique About Our Electrocardiography Technician Program?

After successful completion of the lecture/lab course (NA 122), students will attend the clinical training practicum component of the program (NA 125). During this time, students complete one 40-hour week with an EKG Technician at an area hospital. Students will perform EKGs under the guidance of a preceptor, where they can apply what was learned in the classroom to the clinical setting. Upon completion of NA 122 and NA 125, students are encouraged to write for national certification with Cardiovascular Credentialing International.

What Are My Career Opportunities?

This program prepares students to function as an:

  • EKG Technician in a hospital
  • EKG Technician in a outpatient clinical setting