Agriculture Transfer Program

The Agriculture Transfer Program is designed for those students wishing to complete a Bachelor of Science Degree at any four year institution across the country.

Students in this program have interests including Pre-Vet, Animal Sciences, Ag Engineering, Ag Economics, Ag Mechanization, Ag Education, Agronomy, Forestry, Conversation, Ecology, Soil Science, Ag Finance, Ag Marketing, Food Science, or the many other diverse areas of Production Agriculture and Agriculture Business.

Transfer Degree Requirements for students interested in:

  • Transfer Institutions

    Ag Transfer Students at Joliet Junior College transfer to a number of four year colleges and universities including the University of Illinois, Illinois State, Western Illinois, Southern Illinois, Purdue, Iowa State, Colorado State, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, Texas A & M, and Michigan State. Articulation agreements with universities allows for a smooth transition into the university and removes the fear of losing credits during transfer.

    "I would highly recommend the JJC Agriculture Transfer program to students who would like to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Agriculture. During my two years at JJC, I was able to complete most of my general education requirements and introductory agriculture classes that were required for my Bachelor's degree in Animal Science at the University of Illinois. The quality of instruction was excellent and the teachers were all very approachable and willing to assist however they could. There is no doubt that the education and guidance that I received while at JJC were instrumental in the development of the academic, communication, and leadership skills that were necessary as I completed my doctorate degree in Animal Sciences."
    - Dr. Daniel Hamilton

  • Program Courses

    Students in the Ag Transfer program will complete nearly all of their required general education courses (Math, Science, Social Science, and Humanities), while taking one or two agriculture courses each semester. JJC has seven articulated agriculture courses which include Animal Science, Agricultural Mechanization, Crop Production, Ag Economics, Soils, Microcomputer Skills in Ag, and Introduction to Ag Education. After completing 60-70 hours at JJC, an Ag Transfer student may transfer to the school of their choice as an incoming junior and select any specialization of agriculture.

    "Without a question, the Joliet Junior College Ag Transfer Program was successful in helping me develop my academic ability as well as my communication, professionalism, and leadership skills. The JJC Agriculture instructors assisted me in selecting the proper classes so that I could transfer to the University of Illinois and obtain my BS degree in two years. In fact, my JJC classes transferred so well that I could have completed my degree in only 1½ years. Not only did my time at JJC prepare me to be competitive in the U of I classrooms, but it has also made me competitive in graduate school and in the job market. I would highly recommend the JJC Ag Transfer Program to anyone serious about their education and future goals in Agriculture."
    - Tammy Kurtenbach Miller

  • Why The Agricultural Transfer Program at JJC?

    There are a number of reasons for attending JJC for your first two years of college. Class sizes are restricted at JJC, meaning that you won't be enrolled with more than 31 other students in any of the classes that you take. The quality of instruction is excellent, not only in your agriculture courses, but in general education courses as well. We are larger than a high school, but smaller than most four year institutions so the transition to a large school is more gradual. Finally, there is a savings of thousands of dollars per year by attending Joliet Junior College.

    After 2 years at JJC students transfer an excess of 65 credits to any university.

    2-Year or transfer programs with successful transfer to:

    • University of Illinois
    • Illinois State University
    • Western Illinois University
    • Purdue University
    • Michigan State University
    • Colorado State University
    • Texas A&M University
    • Southern Illinois University
    • Iowa State University
    • Kansas State University
    • Oklahoma State University
    • Texas Tech University
    • South Dakota State University

    Job Placement and Internships with:
    (Internships are available to 2-Year and transfer students for credit)

    • IBP
    • ADM
    • Bayer Corporation
    • Chicago Board of Trade
    • Many feed & fertilizer companies
    • Numerous purebred & commercial livestock operations
    • Over 2500 employers contacted each year